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Sant Martí d´Empúries

Philippe and Theresa

Va i Ve, meaning to come and go, reflects our inspirations: the motion of the waves lapping onto the sand; the way the days come and go with the rising and setting of the sun; and how some people come into our lives and quickly go whilst others stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. This is the essence of Vaive, where friendships are formed and memories made.

Being situated on its own beach on the outskirts of Sant Marti brings advantages for clients of Vaive Beach Bar, including free parking on the roads leading directly to the beach and panoramic views of the Bay of Roses.

The Bay of Roses
Beach Riuet

Unlike the central beaches of Sant Marti and L’Escala, Beach Riuet has a more natural, rugged feel. Being the only bar on this beach allows this image to be kept, so the beach feels more spacious and open in high season. Having the good fortune of a gentle sea breeze allows the beach to be enjoyed the whole day in the height of summer rather than being too hot around midday.

The beach has two zones in the high season, one for sunbathers and one for windsurfers (the only beach in L’Escala with designated windsurf access), providing something for everyone.

The gentle slope of the beach into the sea provides the perfect place for families with children to paddle and play whilst the thermal winds provide many opportunities for windsurfers to get out on the sea and have fun.

A designated channel in the sea allows for windsurfers to come and go from the beach safely whilst the designated swimming area means that bathers have their own safe haven.

Created by John Rushworth